At Home Promotion Ceremony Guide


Thank you, parents, for making this promotion ceremony one that your child will never forget!

Please note, we have sent special easy-break boards for this ceremony to make things easier on you and your children. Please give special care to these boards as they could accidentally be broken. DO NOT flex the board until your child is ready to break it and please do not allow your child to play with the board before it is broken. 

Step 1: Make sure your child is ready!

Please ensure your child has watched these videos and perfected these class components:



Self Defense


Step 2: Get a “Thumbs Up” from your Sensei!

Please find instructions to join a Zoom call in your email or email a video of your child to your Sensei to receive a “thumbs up”. The “thumbs up” from your Sensei means that your child is ready to break a board and promote in rank!

Step 3: Have your child choose their board break

There are 3 different options for board breaks. Please watch the video for the board break that your child chooses.

Option 1: Front Kick

Option 2: Hammer fist strike

Option 3: Downward knife strike

Step 4: Promotion Ceremony Time!

Congratulations! Your child is ready for their at-home ceremony and you are ready to be their at-home Sensei. Please follow the instructions in the board break videos above to have your child break their board. Don’t forget to have your child say “I’m going to break you in half!” before breaking the board! After the board break is complete, please hand your child their certificate and tell them something they have been doing great at home and something that they need to work on.

Examples: You have been such a great helper lately, keep up the great work! One thing that I want you to work on is not whining before bedtime, is that something you can work on for me?

If your child’s belt is at home, please add the provided rank to their belt.

Step 5: Share on social media!

We want to see your board breaks! Share your video on social media and tag us to receive a special shoutout from your child’s instructor!


Congratulations and thank you!

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