Say Hello to My Little Friend

“He said he doesn’t want to sit by me!” “She called my shoes ugly!” these are some of the tattles that preschool teachers handle on a regular basis within their classrooms. At a very young age, children are learning to communicate with...

Bringing the Chime Home: The Your Chime Story

It all started when… A few years ago, I was having a regular day in the life of a Crouching Tigers instructor/CEO/curriculum developer and was gathering students for class and attempting to corral them into our dedicated class space. Twelve three and four year...

How to Tell if Your Child has a Digital Addiction

Many children today are addicted to the digital world. Follow this simple exercise to find out whether or not your child is addicted.
Step 1: Act Normal
Step 2: Remove device
Step 3: Watch the reaction
If your child is throwing a fit, crying, etc. your child may have a digital addiction.

5 Ways to Give Kids Space

The more I observe children today, the more I see a need for them to be given space. But what does “space” mean for a child and how do you give it to them? Studies suggest that children today have less “unstructured time” — time to simply think — than any...

PoisonSafety for Preschoolers

  PoisonSafety for Preschoolers  The Facts Each year over 80,000 children are rushed to the emergency room for accidental poisonings. This extremely high number may come as no surprise to the parent of a toddler or preschooler due to the way that poisonous...