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Educational Martial Arts and Character Development
Crouching Tigers

We bring fun to your students!

Crouching Tigers offers no-contact educational martial arts and character development classes. Students build confidence through our well-rounded weekly program and break boards while promoting in rank three times per year. Certified instructors (Senseis) bring all equipment necessary and teach classes for children as young as 2.5. Each class features a new story about our 7 Tiger characters and students learn LifeSkills (such as respect, honesty and integrity) and SafetySkills (such as fire safety, poison safety and what to do if you get lost in a public place).

Crouching Tigers Partners

What We Offer

Traveling Instructors

Weekly classes are 30-45 minutes and can accommodate up to 15 students (ratios differ by age). Senseis are certified and background checks are provided.

Curriculum and Equipment

Our curriculum was specifically designed for children ages 2.5-8 and more specifically designed to take place within preschool, childcare and elementary school settings. With flexible space requirements, we can work with any space you can provide.

Program Management

Not only do we handle retrieving and returning students for class, our Senseis will also help get students ready with t-shirts and belts. We can also handle billing, registration and program management through our corporate office. Crouching Tigers is a truly hassle-free program!

Additional Benefits

When requested, Crouching Tigers can provide commission to partner locations. Commission checks are sent monthly and can include a percentage of tuition collected. Many of our centers use these funds for teacher appreciation and staff incentives!

FAQs for Schools

We serve busy families with our on-site program

  • Offer a new, exciting enrichment program without needing to hire or train staff
  • We bring all of the equipment needed for each lesson
  • The weekly program is always free for your school
  • We can offer commission back to your school
  • Registration and billing can be completely handled by us


Better serve busy families 
When parents today are looking for preschools, they are looking for overall convenience. Make the jobs of your families easier by taking the hassle out of driving to activities by bringing them into your center. 

No-hassle program 
Crouching Tigers can handle all aspects of billing and registration through our online system. No tracking rosters, attendance or billing necessary, we handle it all for you! 

Crouching Tigers instructors are all certified by founder, Olivia Roney Mitchell. Participating locations receive background checks for each staff member upon scheduling of demo classes.

Our demo classes are free 15-20 minute classes for your entire school (ages 2.5 and up). Students get the opportunity to give Crouching Tigers a try before enrolling. 

Our program was designed specifically for centers like yours. With flexible space requirements, we can work with any space you can provide! 

We can match our calendars to meet the needs of your school. Some locations run year-round while other prefer units based on your school closings and school calendar. 

Definitely not! In fact, our no-contact curriculum has helped thousands of aggressive students by offering an outlet for aggression and more importantly teaching where they can and cannot use their DojoSkills