Timothy McGettigan's A Formula for Eradicating Racism: Debunking White Supremacy PDF

By Timothy McGettigan

ISBN-10: 1137599758

ISBN-13: 9781137599759

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In this ebook, Tim McGettigan and Earl Smith make the extraordinary argument that racism is a remediable kind of suggestion-induced sadism. The authors clarify in undeniable phrases how societies just like the united states build racism, and recommend a pragmatic plan to remove racism within the united states and all around the world.

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At least vampires had the good sense and breeding to be members of the nobility. The modern concept of race was born in this cesspool of superstitious ignorance. , 2014, p. 586). Europeans literally believed they were a higher order of being than the uncivilized rabble that their explorers encountered. Civilization was a pejorative. ” Victorian Europeans believed they were a cut above and they translated their revulsion for Others into prejudicial racial classifications (Beasley, 2010). Schemes for denigrating Others on the basis of race usually operate on the following false assumptions:  Race is a biological certainty.

In sum, Homo sapiens is unwilling to accept the world as it is. Humans are imbued with an insatiable passion to change the world for the better. Aesthetic discontent is the motivation that impels mountaineers to climb previously unconquered peaks because “they are there” (Green, 2005) and it is the sensibility that drives Olympic athletes to excel in sporting competitions where there is little potential for monetary payoff, such as trampolining, competitive walking, archery and synchronized swimming.

Edmund Hillary (Johnston, 2005) has also enjoyed a similarly enduring notoriety, even though one could argue that Hillary’s Sherpa guides were the superior mountaineers in his conquest of Mount Everest. This case also highlights the poisonous influence of racial bias: How many Sherpas have ever been knighted for climbing Mount Everest (Silverman, 2013)? The fascination associated with Hillary’s conquest of Mt. Everest derives from the fact that he was the first white guy to summit the world’s highest peak.

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