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Vintner: Those who make wine. Virgate: A measurement of land; anywhere from 18-32 acres. Wattle-and-daub: Wattle-and-daub is a row of upright stakes with the spaces between woven through with small pieces of wood or thatch. On both sides of the wall, the wattle is daubed with clay, earth, plaster or mortar and smoothed. The wall is usually plastered and then whitewashed. Warehouser: Those who run warehouses. Watercarrier: Those who carry and transport water. Weaponsmith: Those who craft weapons.

Sage/scholar: Those who knowledgeable in specific areas. Satirist: Those who write satire, usually political stabs at personalities of the day. Scutage: A payment in exchange for serving military service to a lord. Serf: An unfree peasant, legally and socially tied to his lord’s land. Sheepfold: Collecting the village sheep’s manure to fertilize the lord’s holdings in the fields; collected by penning or by having the sheep graze on the lord’s land. Silversmith: Smiths that work with silver. Skinner: Those who skin animals.

Judge: Those who preside over courts. Laborer: Those who perform manual labor without a craft or profession to speak of. Launderer: Those who wash clothes and other textiles. Legerwite: A fine for females having sex outside of marriage. Maleficium: Harm done to a person or property through magic. Mason: Those who build most in stone or brick. Mercenary: Swords for hire; those who fight or do service for coin. Mendicant: Members of landless monastic orders or wandering unaffiliated monks. Mercer: People dealing in expensive fabrics.

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