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By William Edward Maxwell

ISBN-10: 1409912981

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Sir William Edward Maxwell (1846-1897) of the interior Temple, Barrister-at-Law; Assistant Resident, Perak, Malay Peninsula, used to be the writer of A handbook of the Malay Language (1882).

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Kuma. , and D. jati. J. and S. angsana. J. and S. lontar; Bat. otal; Mak. tala; Bu. ta; Tag. tual. , and D. jambu; Bu. jampu; Tag. dambo; Bat. jambujambu, fringe; Bu. jambojambo, fringe, plume. Mangifera indica, mango mampelam from Telugu, mampalam; Sansk. mahâphala, “great fruit” âmra (the mango, Mangifera indica); âmrâta (Spondias mangifera) dâḍima and dâlima J. pelem; S. ampelem. Spondias myrobolan (ormangifera) âmra Punica granatum, pomegranate Zizyphus jujuba Cucurbita lagenaria, gourd, pumpkin Tricosanthes laciniosa Cassia fistula Emblica officinalis dalîma bidâra vidara lâbû alâbu J.

Bala. Army Bastion, mâlawâti 31 balavatî xxvii J. kuta; Bat. , and Bis. kota. redoubt (strong, powerful)? sajjâ (armour), sajjatâ, readiness vâṇa (an arrow) Weapon, arm senjâta Bow pânah Dagger kris kṛit (to cut, to kill) Discus Club Cross-bow Pike chakra gada gandî sanggamâra Knife Enemy Battlefield Victory churîka satrû râna jaya chakra gadâ gâṇḍiva saṃgrâma (war, battle) chhurikâ çatru raṇa (battle) jaya Kw. and Mak. sanjata; Bat. sonjata; D. sandata. , and D. panah; Mak. pana; Tag. and Bis.

Bodo. , and Bat. pandé. J. and S. derma; Bat. dorma, means of gaining affection. Fidelity setîa satya Faithful, loyal Thought, to think To suspect, conjecture Blame setîâwan sangka satyavant çaṅka tarka tarka (doubt, reason) chhala (fraud) Misfortune, vile, base chelâka Sin, crime dôsa False, untrue Merit meritorious actions Happiness, good fortune Use, value, quality dusta pahâla chelâ bahagîa guna chhalaka (deceiving, a deceiver) dush (to sin) dushta phala (fruit, produce, result) bhâgya (lot, fate) guṇa (quality) J.

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