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Acton Like the issues of verification and the management of nuclear industry discussed in subsequent chapters, decisions regarding extended deterrence would require the active participation of non-nuclear-weapons states. This is yet another way in which nuclear abolition is not simply a challenge for the nuclear-armed states. Nuclear terrorism The threat of nuclear terrorism elicits much fear today, especially in the US, the UK, France, Russia, India and Israel. This fear increases resistance to taking nuclear disarmament seriously, though it ought to be irrelevant to decisions about dramatically reducing the number and salience of nuclear weapons.

Reduction to relatively small arsenals would be part of an evolutionary process that states could readily halt or reverse if new actors sought nuclear weapons. In any case, if much increased collective confidence in the enforceability of strengthened non-proliferation rules is not achieved, the current nuclear-armed states will not undertake reductions to numbers so low as to invite, in their view, new proliferation. Moreover, an aspiring nuclear-armed power would need to weigh the political and strategic gains it hoped to make against risks and costs of proliferation that presumably would be much 46 | George Perkovich and James M.

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