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Sometimes the desire appears unconscious. “I don’t know what happened, I honestly don’t. ” The downfall can seem for all the world like a demonically mystical happening. “It was as if there were anoth- Gerald G. D. / 49 er person inside of me I didn’t even know was there. All the time I was feeling so good about my success, he was in there waiting for the chance to take over. ” More often, the desire to have a drink, a pill, or a snort just gently surfaces in awareness, like a harmless little notion.

All we need is to look at our actions; while claiming to be loving God, we are in fact living our addictions. These words not only seem harsh; they may also sound familiar. ” The theme is almost trite, because the problem is universal. Too often, sermons on idolatry simply leave people feeling guilty. It is true that we are responsible for our actions, and in that sense we are indeed guilty of being more concerned with our addictions than with love. But to stop there is to assume we can eradicate our attachments through willpower alone, and we simply cannot.

In contrast, he felt decisions based on the reality principle required postponement of gratification in favor of more long-range or altruistic endeavors. In the light of modern behavioral psychology, Freud’s pleasure and reality principles may seem outmoded. But they established pleasure and relief of pain as important determinants of behavior, thus laying a foundation for the motivational psychology that was to follow. Psychoanalysts were also quick to point out that many significant cathexes occur unconsciously.

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