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By Piero Macola

ISBN-10: 2849990124

ISBN-13: 9782849990124

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When she told me that she was working on a raw recipe book, I knew right away that it was going to be the best book on living cuisine ever. Wendy’s knowledge of health and nutrition is world class—she is the very best at what she does, and this book is a clear reflection of that expertise. I sincerely doubt if anyone on Earth is more qualified to create a book like this. With thirty years of experience in the field, she is truly in a category all her own. Wendy speaks across the generational gap as well.

Starches require a more alkaline pH and proteins a more acidic pH in the stomach to break them down. If you eat these together you get the same effect as you would if you added vinegar to baking soda—a gastronomical explosion resulting in heartburn, acid refluxes, putrefaction, fermentation, and eventual breakdown of the system. If we sprout our nuts and seeds, legumes and grains, they then move into the vegetable category for the purpose of proper food combining. I usually soak or sprout my grains, nuts, and seeds before using them in my recipes.

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are destroyed with heat; thus they are not found in cooked foods. Actually, all natural fats when heated turn into trans fatty acids that are unrecognizable by the body and so are beyond the body’s ability to break them down. These substances turn into strings of fatty tissue that adhere to the inside of veins and arteries. This leads to degenerative diseases. It is important to purchase your fats (oils) cold-pressed or expelled and to refrigerate them ASAP. Raw plant fats have no cholesterol in them.

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