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31 Clearly the change was complete by the time of our earliest manuscripts with scholia, which date to the ninth and tenth century, but some independent hypomnemata could have survived until that date (indeed we know that ninth-century authors like Photius had access to large quantities of ancient scholarship that disappeared not long afterwards), so our earliest manuscripts could contain scholia copied directly from hypomnemata. Alternatively one can point to the early parchment codices of the late antique period (a number of which contain substantial marginal annotation, though this annotation often fails to show the composite characteristics of medieval scholia), and to late antique legal and Biblical commentaries in the medieval scholia format, and argue that hypomnemata began to be converted into scholia in the fifth century.

28 SCHOLIA, COMMENTARIES, AND LEXICA ON SPECIFIC LITERARY WORKS method of the Byzantine school tradition (rather like sentence-parsing in English several generations ago), so most of the explanations in the Epimerismi Homerici are elementary. The work was based on a wide range of sources, including Herodian, Apion, the D scholia, and several lost works of ancient scholarship. Though anonymously transmitted, the Epimerismi are likely to have been composed by Choeroboscus in the ninth century. They are useful not only for what they tell us about the Byzantine reading of Homer, but also because they preserve ancient scholarship that is lost in its original form.

1 ARCHAIC AND CLASSICAL POETRY This category includes the most famous and most often cited scholia. By far the most important are the Homer scholia, but those on Pindar and the Attic dramatists are also significant. 1 Homer Ancient scholarship on Homer was extensive and of high quality, for the best scholars of antiquity devoted much of their time and energy to the Homeric poems. Work on Homer that could be described as scholarship goes back at least to the classical period and probably to the sixth century bc, and editing the text of Homer was one of the main tasks of the first Alexandrian scholars.

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