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Forward branches should be no problem to figure out - you simply count forward beginning with zero. For backward branches you count back from 256. Thus, an offset of minus one is represented by 255, an offset of minus seven is represented by 249. Accumulator: Accumulator addressing is an implied type of addressing that is unique to the four instructions that shift and rotate the contents of the accumulator. OveNiew of 6502 Instructions 59 FLOW CHART 2 -1 BRANCH INSTRUCTION IS DECODED BACKWARD ( - OFFSET) 1 IS CONDITION MET' NO YES PROGRAM COUNTER POINTS TO NE X T INSTRUCTION PROGRAM COUNTER BECOMES PROGRAM COUNTER PLUS OFFSET !

Logical AND. Logica l OR. Ex cl us ive O R 0 0 1 0 0 0 Overview of 6502 Instructions 55 There are three instructions that we have classified as miscellaneous. They are: NOP BRK BIT No Operation Break Test Bits in memory with Accumulator A NOP instruction causes the processor to do nothing at all. NOP can be used to reserve space in a program under development, to make the processor pause for a few machine cycles , or to replace instructions that have been removed without requir ing all of the branch and jump addresses to be changed.

The contents of either the X or Y register are added to the operand to obtain the actual memory location used for the data. However, there are two differences. The first difference is that because the Hi-Byte of the base address is understood to be Page Zero, this is a two byte instruction rather than a three byte instruction. The second difference between the two modes occurs in the calculation of the effective address. In the Absolute Indexed mode the index register is added to the Lo-Byte of the base address.

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