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Pour 1 ml of ferric chloride [iron(III) chloride, F e C l 3 ] into a test tube. Add several drops of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution. 39 UCKO/EXPERIMENTS FOR LIVING CHEMISTRY /4 What happens? Complete the equation. FeCl 3 + 3NaOH -> +3 5. Most chemical reactions involve heat changes. To see this effect, pour about 1 ml of hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid, HCl) solution into a test tube. Add about 1 ml sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution. With your hand feel the bottom of the test tube. What do you feel?

To remove all solid from the flask, add small amounts of water, swirl it around, and add these portions to the funnel. Allow the last drops to pass through and remove the beaker containing the liquid (called the filtrate). The solid (precipitate) remains in the filter paper. Place the beaker, covered by the watch glass, on a ring stand and gently boil away the water. Allow the beaker to cool. What is the solid inside the beaker? NAME SECTION DATE Fold filter paper in half Fold again, leaving top, quarter section a little short Open out the larger quarter section and insert into funnel.

Add enough barium chloride to the flask so that a state of balance results. 01 mole of barium chloride. Add 10 ml H 2 0 to the flask and swirl to dissolve the solid. Weigh a 50-ml Erlenmeyer flask on the balance. 01 mole of sodium sulfate. mass of flask + 0 . 0 1 mole N a 2 S Q 4 combined mass _+ g g_ g Move the markers on the balance to this mass and add sodium sulfate until balance is restored. Add about 10 ml of H 2 0 , swirling to dissolve the solid. Add, while swirling, the solution of barium chloride to the one with sodium sulfate.

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