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Atari Basic-Faster and Better

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Carl M. Evans

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You might try using another location. Just be sure that the location is safe and that the value of MLEND is 33 more than MLSTART. Are you wondering where I got the numbers to be POKEd? The assembly listing gave us the hexadecimal codes for the USR routine. The command STA POINT in line 1150 generated the machine language instruction 85CC. Converting this to decimal: 85 is 133 decimal CC is 204 decimal. The rest of the program was translated in a similar fashion. We could have also gotten the decimal numbers by PEEKing the appropriate memory locations after loading the object program from disk or cassette.

You must load all of the routines you don't need in order to get the one that you need. This wastes valuable memory space. 4. If you write a program that uses a routine from one of these commercial packages, you will have to pay royalties if you decide to sell your program. The USR routines in this book avoid those four problems. This way you get the maximum in flexibility and performance. You also don't need to worry about paying royalties as long as you don't resell these routines as a library or copy the pages out of this book to serve as your documentation.

Also, every REM statement is just one more line number for BASIC to sort through. 14. Use indirect addressing for GOTOs and GOSUBs - the reasons for this are similar to those given in (11) above. 15. Pack IF -THEN logic statements - this one is a little less obvious, and the rewards will vary, but you can replace an IF-THEN statement sequence such as 100 110 120 130 IF IF IF IF X<101 X>100 X>300 X>800 THEN Y = 0 AND X<301 THEN Y = 1 AND X<801 THEN Y = 2 THEN Y = 3 with a logical statement like Y = (X>100)*«X>100)+(X>300)+(X>800)) Before you try anytl;ing like this, I suggest that you go back and re-read the section on logical operators in your BASIC manual.

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