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The monograph is dedicated to phenomena of nonlinear optics showing on a macro­ scopic point within the interplay of excessive gentle with an remoted atom. it's a first try to summarize the uncomplicated phenomena of nonlinear optics and current a few of the tools utilized in test and thought. In essence, this booklet could be thought of an increased model of the recent element of quantum mechanics and atomic physics that during time could be included into te- books in this topic. by means of the center of this century the interplay of sunshine with atoms had turn into the most investigated branches of physics. besides the fact that, within the mid-sixties the improvement of high-power lasers replaced this example thoroughly. it's a recognized undeniable fact that lasers are basically new resources of sunshine with excessive depth, sharp directivity, and virtually perfect monochromaticity. solely new phenomena got here up within the experiences of the interplay of sunshine with atoms. In an excessive mild box, multiphoton transitions develop into very important. the sector disturbs the atomic degrees, transferring, broadening, and combining them. In an exceptionally robust box the atom ceases to be a certain procedure. those and comparable phenomena at the atomic (microscopic) point be certain the differences within the averaged, macroscopic homes of the medium, diversifications that reason nonlinear-optics phenomena, which seriously change the basic classical legislation of the interplay of sunshine with topic.

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