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By John J. Winkler

ISBN-10: 0520052404

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Utilizing contemporary advances in literary concept, Winkler tackles the elusive that means of Apuleius's `The Golden Ass', specifically the connection among ebook and reader.

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The cynic's command to stop the story is the author's way of inviting our attention to it. The same sentence thus has two meanings. both of which we immediately understand together: in relation to the character (actor) who speaks it, it is an injunction to stop; in relation to the author (auctor) of the novel it is an invitation to continue and a promise of excitement. Oddly enough, this is a case where "stop" is clearly understood to mean "go .. " The cynic's injunction does not prevent the beginning of the storyt it underlines it.

Ccrdo (whose name means" Profit .. or "Sly Fox") sweeps up his money from the table and runs off. At this point we realize that Ccrdo. in addition to being an audience for rhc talc ofDiophancs, has become an actor in a drama, and the crowd ofbystanders in the marketplace are the {third) audience. They laugh uncontrollably because from their point of view the actions of Diophanes and Cerdo form a comic skit. The presence of that crowd had been carefully noted both in the opening dc:scription-''for on a certain day when Diophanes.

M THE INTERPRETATION OF TALES 31 This is nor to say that the conjunction of sublime and ridiculous is solved in fa\'Or of the sublime, nor that a saving religion lurks in the corners of daily life if only we could sec it. The passage from one to the other is much more complex. For instance, as a forewarning not to take the mention of things religious as an e11dom•mcm of them. this particular vision of Asklepios as a S\Vord swallower could just as plausibly be read in an antireHgious way~as if to say, the gullible and credulous will see salvation under every rock, a god in every serpentine shape.

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