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This monograph deals a complete precis of experiments on Compton scattering from the proton and neutron and played on the electron accelerator MAMI. The experiments hide a photon power variety from 30 MeV to 500 MeV. The reader is brought to the theoretical strategies of Compton scattering by means of an outline of the experiments at the proton, and their research and effects.

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24 25 Y Y CHINA2 CZECH REP Y Y CANADA1 3 Y BULGARIA FRANCE Y (Y/N) NPP MCR Staff Licensing (formal authorization) Required BRAZIL Member State Y N N N N N NPP (Y/N) N Y Y Y Y Y RB License Issued by Y Y Y N N N NPP by (Y/N) N Y N2 Y Y Y RB Examined Y N N N N Y NPP (Y/N) N N N N N N RB Observes only N Y Y Y Y N N N Y2 Y N Y RB N Y Y N N N NPP N Y Y2 Y Y Y RB (Y/N) (Y/N) NPP Conducts examination Prepares examination N Y Y Y Y N NPP (Y/N) N Y Y2 Y Y Y RB Participates in assessment of individual’s performance Roles in simulator based examinations Legend: MCR – Main Control Room; NPP – Nuclear Power Plant; RB – Regulator Body.

However, most Member States use either multiple choice, short answer, or essay type questions. Multiple choice questions are easy to administer and enable a large number of knowledge items to be tested in a short period of time. They are particularly useful to measure the recall and comprehension levels of intellectual (cognitive) ability. They can also be used to measure higher cognitive levels such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation, but need care in their formulation. Short answer questions require the trainee to provide a phrase, sentence or diagram as a response.

All integrated plant procedures (normal or general operating procedures). All emergency procedures (emergency instructions, abnormal or special procedures). Standing orders. Surveillance procedures. Fuel handling and core loading procedures. All annunciator and alarm procedures. Radiation protection manual (radiation control manual or procedures). Emergency plan implementing procedures. Technical Specifications or similar technical requirements documents. System operating procedures. Technical data book and plant curve information used by operators as well as the facility precautions, limitations, and set points document.

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Auth of Nuclear Powerplnt Ctl Rm Personnel (IAEA TECDOC-1502)

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