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17). , through a flowchart) , because we want to use the "computed GOTO" statement, rather than a series of tests. 18. Note that we can go through the sequence properly, with a centralized section of code at the common exit that uses a single assignment, B = B + 1, and a test for handling the recycling. 19. FLOWCHARTS 999 B = 1 1000 ON B GOTO 1100, 1300, 1500, 1600 1100 B = 2 Branch 1 GOTO 1800 1300 B = 3 Branch 2 GOTO 1800 1500 B = 4 Branch 3 GOTO 1800 1600 B = 1 Branch 4 1800 part C IF ... 18: "Round Robin" Program B = 1 1000 ON B GOTO 1100, 1300, 1500, 1600 1100 Branch 1 GOTO 1800 1300 Branch 2 GOTO 1800 1500 Branch 3 GOTO 1800 1600 Branch 4 =B+1 IF B > 4 THEN B 1800 B = 1 partC IF ...

21 . 23. 5 Decomposition into Prime Factors Dividing a number into prime factors means finding all of the prime number divisors for that number. Elementary approach: Starting with the number two, we will look for divisors. When we find a proper divisor, we will print it out. If a divisor does not work or no longer works, we will go on to the next number. If we encounter a quotient that is smaller than the divisor, then one of the following is true. If the dividend is the given number, then the given number is prime.

By dividing the program into two parts we have increased the number of program statements. It does, however, make the program easier to write and follow. 12 includes a variable L, which takes on one of two values: 0 or 1. By assigning L a value of 0 at the beginning of the program, we will avoid printing the plus sign (+) in front of the first fraction that is found. Subsequently, the variable is set to 1, and the output of each following fraction is preceded with a plus sign. Comments on the program : The precision with which a number may be represented is fixed for any given computer.

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