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This can be one of a number of principles classed as variational or as weighted residual methods. The briefest explanation for potentialflowsis provided by a variational principle. One possible principle is that the solution must be one in which the energy of the flow is a minimum. For incompressible flow, strain energy cannot be stored so we find a flow with minimum kinetic energy (this being the only part of the total energy which can change).

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13 Bibliography 1. Douglas, J. , Gasiorek, J. M. and Swaffield, J. , Fluid Mechanics, Pitman (1979). 2. Massy, B. , Mechanics of Fluids, 5th edition, Van Nostrand Reinhold (1983). 3. Milne-Thomson, L. , Theoretical Hydrodynamics, 5th Edition Macmillan (1968). 4. , Hydrodynamics, 6th Edition, Cambridge University Press (1932). 5. Kirchoff, R. , Potential Flows, Marcel Dekker (1985). 1 XYSP1: stream function and potential in a source A short program to calculate the stream function and velocity potential of a source is given below.

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