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Past the good homes of the interior Sphere lies the untamed outer edge. choked with younger souls looking experience and freedom, the outer edge is a watershed for each stripe of humanity. This variety has spawned robust internal Sphere-like political coalitions, roving pirates, one-world lesser powers and bandit kingdoms striving for legitimacy. Wild, uncivilized and lethal, the outer edge is a turbulent frontier the place any warrior who dares could be king. BattleTech box guide: outer edge describes some of the factions that make up the outer edge: Magistracy of Canopus, Taurian Concordat, Marian Hegemony, Outworlds Alliance, Circinus Federation, the Lesser outer edge States, Bandit Kingdoms and the Deep outer edge. This sourcebook describes the heritage, army doctrine, traditions and strategies of every outer edge faction, plus particular principles that replicate the particular services of every outer edge regiment, in addition to new guns and 'Mechs distinct to the outer edge.

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What exactly these meetings concern is unknown even to "·�� PATHFINDER CAMPAIGN �ETTINfi; MAfiNIMAR, CITY OF MONUMENTX those few who know that the Brothers of the Seven exist in the first place. O z . Red Kestrel Imports: This large red waterfront warehouse near the northern end of Ordellia flies six different flags above its large primary doors-Absalom, Cheliax, O sirion, Katapesh, Sargava, and above them all the flag of Magnimar. These flags indicate the six nations in which Red Kestrel Imports keeps warehouses and ships.

Ayavah is particularly intrigued by the nature of the blessings granted by Magnimar's monuments, and hopes someday to replicate those effects in her carvings. Her greatest secret isn't her unusual gender, though, but rather her faith-Ayavah is a heretical worshiper of Nocticula who believes the queen of succubi is in fact a fallen empyreal lord who wants to ascend from the evil of the Abyss to become a goddess of outcasts, artists, and the glories of midnight. Few take greater exception to these unusual beliefs than the actual cult of Nocticula, a group Ayavah has been hiding from for many years, and which she lives in constant fear ofbeing discovered by again.

The Breakbags south ofMagnimar. The Seafoam boggards have developed are nomads-the fact that they change their tribal lair a strikingly efficient method of capturing prisoners to sacrifice to the bloated mobogo that never leaves the every few months to a new location in the Mushfens is Seafoam's gutted hold (this lumbering monstrosity also the main reason these pests haven't yet been put down.

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