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By Shigesaburo Tsunoda and Norindo Takahashi (Eds.)

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And O. perennis Moench, Shahi et al (1969) reported genic analyses of peroxi­ dase isozymes. Two independent loci each carrying two alleles were detected from observation of the zymograms of mature leaf blades. They also suggested in a natural population of O. perennis the presence of a Fig. 5. Geographic cline in esterase zymogram patterns of O. sativa in Asia. , 1975) DIFFEREN TIAT IO N OF ECOTYPES IN OR Y Z A SATIVA L. 43 dominant gene repressing band 4c, which might be a regulatory gene. Nakagahra et al.

Most cereal crops including African rice are considered to have been derived from annual wild relatives. Only Asian rice and rye evolved from the perennial wild species. Perenniality associated with allogamy in the ancestral species could have played an important role in pro­ ducing an enormous diversity o f O. sativa. 4. P o te n tia lity o f W ild R ic e to E v o lv e C u ltiv a te d T y p e s When wild plants are grown by man, cultivation itself works as a selective agent. The selection pressure caused by cultivation or disturbance of the habitats by man has been called “ cultivation pressure” .

Sa tiv a is one or many. Based on comprehensive considerations o f available information on hunting-gathering cultures, Harlan (1975a) put forward the hypothesis of diffused origins of agriculture. In light o f this, the assumption o f plural sites o f domestication seems more reasonable. I f rice was domesticated at two or more different sites 26 H. MORISHIMA separately, it would be inferred that the in dica-japon ica differentiation took place similarly in different sites, or that the domestication leading to in dica took place mainly in one area and that toward ja p o n ic a in another area with the extension o f incipient cultivars.

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