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By Ari Marmell

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White Wolf Blood Sacrifice Thaumaturgy Comp assamite paths and powers

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Each color is able to absorb and negate one type of damage from New Path: Ki-rin L"ravelers (Shugenja) TECHNIQ]JE RANK: 5 PATH OF ENTRY: luchi Shugenja 4, Horiuchi Shugenja 4, Master of the Swift Waves an attack. Each time an attack of is absorbed, one of the colors disappears from the aura. The colors are not set to any particular kind of attack, and they disappear as new attacks occur, in the order that they occur. Typi- cally each attack will deliver only one type of damage (such as blunt damage from a tetsubo), and will thus expend only one color, but an attack that combined dif- ferent types of damage (such as a tetsubo wielded by n ~ m i':I oZ m some under the spell Fires of Purity) would use up multiple colors.

L5R core rulebook, pp. 142-3 Path Prayers and Treasures, p_ 39 Path Art of the Duel, p_ 122 \-faster of the Swift Waves 'Aoto Priest of Death Path The Four Winds, p_ 19 'the eyes of the Kami To those who can perceive the kami, the Unicorn Lands are wild, unfettered, and entirely free. In one's peripheral vision the land itself seems to tim-v and move with the "vind. The the stones, the mountains, and even the Clan's castles seem to be bundles of energy, ready to spring into motion at a moment's notice.

If not for spells like Flock of Blood, their line would have ended long ago. You may use this spell to instantly transform yourself into a swarm of smaller creatures. This is normally limit- ed to vermin and other creatures generally looked upon o -I m () The Imperial Families 5:z VI The relationship between the Imperial Families and the practice of magic encompasses a rather singular irony. As the Emperor's direct servants, they are considered the custodians of the Celestial Order in the mortal realm; the public symbolism of their role casts them as the embodi- ment of diVinely sanctioned Imperial authority.

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