Jeff Barber, Greg Benage's Blue Planet: Moderator's Guide (Sci-Fi Roleplaying) PDF

By Jeff Barber, Greg Benage

ISBN-10: 1887911057

ISBN-13: 9781887911054

Poseidon, 2199 advert

Prepare for a compelling trip into humanity's destiny on planet the place existence is difficult and loss of life is straightforward. a global the place GEO Marshals implement the peace and stressed out mercs patrol deep waters in lethal fighter subs. a spot the place company greed and human desperation ravage an alien ecology, threatening to plunge humanity right into a conflict of survival with an old legacy.

Welcome to the realm of Blue Planet

Whether you're new to the Blue Planet universe or a veteran moderator, this ebook includes info important to working fascinating and powerful adventures at the new frontier.

Regional maps and outlines detailing the topography and heritage of the main seriously colonized area on Poseidon - the Pacifica Archipelago

Key maps and designated descriptions of greater than twenty colonial, comprise, and local settlements

Classified info on comprise, GEO, and local actions on Poseidon

Dossiers on greater than a dozen of the planet's most renowned and notorious personalities

Biological survey facts at the planet's wondrous yet often-deadly indigenous lifeforms

Revealing organic and cultural info on Poseidon's aborigines

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