Body of a Spartan by Victor Pride PDF

By Victor Pride writer Victor Pride's advisor to bodybuilding process, frame of mind and diet.
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In my opinion, pull-ups are much better for development than chin-ups. However, chin-ups should have a place in every mans routine. When you can perform 10-15 repetitions with ease you can add weight with a weight belt or a dumbbell between your feet. Page 49 PULLUP & CHINUP VARIATIONS Like all the other exercises on our list, pull-ups and chin-ups have many variations. Using the variations will help to develop tremendous strength and muscle. ROPE PULLUPS (SUPPLEMENTAL) Rope pull-ups will help with grip and hand strength along with back development.

Page 50 Monkey pull-ups are a combination of pull-ups and abdominal crunches. As you pull yourself up, you want to pull up your legs and contract your abdominals. Monkey pull-ups will work your back, biceps and abdominals and they also work as a fat-burning exercise. Do as many repetitions as you can, be sure to squeeze the abs at the top. Pictured: Monkey Pullups Page 51 ONE ARMED PULLUPS (SUPPLEMENTAL) Grip the bar with one hand using an overhand grip. With your free hand, grab your wrist and pull yourself up and over the bar.

Grab the barbell with a reverse grip about medium wide. Lower to the chest and back up again. Have a spot for heavy weights. Reverse grip bench can be performed as often as needed or wanted. It is a nice way to break out of the normal routine and gain some strength in places you would not normally gain. Page 37 Pictured: Reverse Grip Bench Press Starting Position Pictured: Reverse Grip Bench Press Bottom position Page 38 BENCHING WITH DUMBBELLS (MAIN OR SUPPLEMENTAL) The bench press and it’s variations can also be performed with dumbbells rather than barbells.

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