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This quantity is thus a measure of the effect of scattering and absorption in the surrounding medium, the value of this quantity for air-spaced systems being always of order unity. The importance of a cadmium shield is well illustrated in experiments (c) and (d). The measurement of interaction parameters with plutonium systems is particularly difficult, since the small induced output has to be measured against a large background due to the output of the body in isolation, especially if the P u content is high.

F o r brevity write fi for the attenuation factor in the wood (function of a). Then on the same assumptions as used above it can be shown that the safety criterion for the infinite three-dimensional lattice is ad F o r the array of fully loaded containers this condition is satisfied if n is less than 0-252. e. provided q(S) < 0-359 ± 0 - 0 0 3 X 1 0 ~ . 2 Thus, in view of the very conservative assumptions made about the interaction between non-coplanar containers, the above results indicate very strongly that an infinite array of loaded containers would be subcritical.

F o r safety d should, here, be measured from the plane of the nearest point of the source body. It is well known that diffusion theory underestimates neutron densities near to sources, but overestimates them at larger distances. 47) should not be used directly unless it can be demonstrated for the case in question that it will give conservative results. 47). A n upper limit to this latter factor is exp [— (d — r) Lt] multiplied by the fractional solid angle subtended by the sphere at a point distance d from its centre.

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