This summer, we are bringing the OutdoorSkills Unit to our Crouching Tigers students! Here is a big picture view of the topics that will be covered this summer. Enrolled parents, be sure to check your email for weekly “Tiger Talk” emails containing great questions to ask your Crouching Tiger at home.

Street Smart Skills:

-Looking both ways (left, right, left!) before crossing a street.

-Understanding signs and signals for where and when it is safe to cross a street

-Never running out into a road (even if a ball has rolled there!)

Pet Safety

-Not scaring a dog by running up to it

-Asking the dog’s owner if it is okay to pet the dog

-Letting a dog smell you first before petting

Water Safety

-Not running near a pool

-Making sure an adult is aware that you are going in/near the water

We hope your child will be joining us for this exciting unit of curriculum!

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