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Crouching Tigers has been inspiring children to make positive choices through martial arts and character development since 2007. Offering on-site classes to nearly 100 childcare centers, preschools and elementary schools in the area, Crouching Tigers has impacted thousands and thousands of children.
Whether you're looking for a one-time visit, a weekly program or a full-on week-long camp, we've got you covered!
Please find our options on the following pages and be sure to let us know if you have any questions. Don't delay though! Our summer programs book quickly and space is limited.

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School Pay Options

Interested in booking a camp or workshop that includes all of your students? A school pay option is best for you as we charge a flat rate for these workshops and can include up to 25 students in each program.

Parent Pay Options

Think your families will want more than a one-time visit? We have great parent pay options that bring program to your school at NO cost to you! Learn more about our weekly program in the pages following. .



Our workshops include a 45 minute class for up to 25 children and a prize/ giveaway for each student. Discounts of 10% off each additional workshop (booked at the same location, in the same timeframe as the originally scheduled workshop) apply. Contact us for pricing for weekly/ nonconsecutive workshops.


Our camps include 15 hours of total Crouching Tigers instruction that takes place over the course of 5 camp days. Classes meet for 3 hours each day and can include up to 20 children. At the end of the week, children participate in a Crouching Tigers promotion ceremony that includes a board break and a certificate of completion.


You provide the space and we'll handle the rest! After offering a free demo class, parents will be given the option to enroll in our program. Our parent-pay option includes weekly classes for ages 2.5 and up with each unit of curriculum (2 months over the summer) ending with board breaking and rank promotion. Registered students receive a t-shirt, belt and gear bag.

Other Options

Is what you're looking for not listed here? Let us know and we'll create a package based on your needs!

Summer Workshop Options

Ninja Workshop

Imagine your students leaping, rolling and testing their strength like only ninjas do! In this high-energy workshop, ninjas will learn basic ninja tricks and techniques before navigating an exciting obstacle course using all of their new skills.

Superhero Workshop

Superheroes are not only strong, fast and agile. Superheroes are also kind and respectful! By bringing this exciting workshop to your students you will be offering them a chance to learn how to protect themselves, fight crime and most importantly, stand up for others by showing kindness.

Spy Workshop

In this workshop, students learn what it takes to be a spy through physical training and good old-fashioned sleuthing. Spies will heighten their power of observation, unlock critical thinking skills, practice self defense, decipher codes and ultimately solve their spy mission.

Hear What Our Customers Say!

Wow! We were blown away by our Crouching Tigers Workshop. I had no idea that kids could learn so many skills in one lesson and the kids haven't stopped talking about it since they left!
-Lori, Child Care Center Director

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