About our Program

Our mission is to inspire children to make positive choices

Crouching Tigers
Educational martial arts and character development

Crouching Tigers classes are held at preschools, childcare centers, elementary schools, and community centers throughout Indiana and Illinois. Our classes focus on the fundamentals of martial arts and character development. Our trained instructors (Senseis) bring high-energy weekly classes to our partner centers to serve busy families.

Tuition + registration fee include:

  • New Student Package containing Crouching Tigers t-shirt, Crouching Tigers belt, gear bag and parent guide
  • In-person 30-45 minute classes once per week at our partner location
  • Access to the Crouching Tigers app that includes a library of online classes that support our weekly classes
  • Promotion ceremonies including board breaking and rank promotion at the end of each unit

Promotion Ceremonies

Each unit of the Crouching Tigers program ends with a promotion ceremony. Promotion ceremonies are scheduled during regular class times and parents are invited (with school permission). Students break (real wooden!) boards, promote in rank and receive a certificate of completion of the unit.

Parents love attending these promotion ceremonies and celebrating the success of their child and these ceremonies are held three times per year to conclude the unit. 

Meet the Tigers

Our 7 Tigers make our program come to life. Each Crouching Tigers class includes a story about our Tigers learning LifeSkills (such as respect, honesty and integrity) and safety (such as fire safety, poison safety and what to do if you get lost in a public place). 

Thunder is the youngest and the most patient of the Tigers. At only 2 years old, Thunder sets a great example of patience for his brothers and sisters. 

Lighting is the youngest girl of the Crouching Tigers and also the kindest. At 4 years old, Lightning is always there for her brothers and sisters when they need her and is known for her compassion and empathy.

Volcano is 6 years old and is a curious and playful Tiger who loves to learn new things. He is always asking questions and trying to figure out how things work. 

Hurricane is 9 year old and is a silly and fun-loving Tiger who loves to make her friends laugh. She is always coming up with new jokes and games to play. 

Tsunami is 11 years old and is a creative and artistic Tiger who loved to express herself through art. She is always drawing and painting and loves to share her creations with her family. 

Tornado is 12 years old and is a a focused and confident Tiger who loves to lead. She is always looking out for her brothers and sisters and making sure everyone is safe. 

Avalanche is the oldest and strongest Tiger. At 14 years old, Avalanche loves fitness and getting stronger every day. Avalanche is always challenging his brothers and sisters and helping them get stronger too.